Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Hunter's Spring Break

For spring break The Even's went to D.C to meet
Nana, Papa, Sam and Abby.
They are only 30 min. away from the great D.C.
When we went to Air And Space Musem we met Abby in the lobby and decided she would show us around the musem so first we took pictures and then got something like a V.I.P. tour.
For Easter Mon. we went to the Mall.
Since the White House had a egg roll of 22,000 some,
so insted of going to the White House egg roll
we made our own with 2 contestants Tate and Hunter
I think Hunter won but it was close.
Look's like Thomas Jefferson saw the Even's at his so called home or memorial.

When we went to the museum of natural history
we saw a T-rex who unfotunly was hungry. so we feed him Tate.
Looks T-rex here is still hungry--
so we threw Hunter in there to. Then we left.
To get to D.C. we rode the subway called the Metro!

Cheers to Easter---from the children!While walking the dogs, we decided to take pictures.
At the National Geographic we saw an exhibit on frogs.
Aren't these ones colorful??
But watch out, they're poisonous!!!

We stopped by to see Pres. Bush, but he was not at home!

Mom and Tate in front of Ulysses S. Grant

Me in front of the U.S. Capitol

I got a big thorn sticking out of my head!!

I am running for Congress from Minnesota!

Papa, Mom, Sadie and Tate take a rest by Gen. Grant

A distant view of the Jefferson Memorial

Mom and me in front of the waterfall in the FDR Memorial

I met Franklin Delano Roosevelt

I almost took his dog home!!

Look at all 56 states and territories at the WWII Memorial.
Looks like these soldiers are about to ambush North Korea

Some died in sacrifice

Lincoln is back on his throne...

The Washington Mall greater than the Mall of America!!

Einstein is giving a tip to the Even children!